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Soon the family doctor can do it too

Soon the family doctor can do it too

The Vaccination certificate Can be downloaded at Lazio From the site And the Salute Lazio application. But today something new has been announced: soon family physicians will be able to consult and share their patients’ vaccination certificates with the patient’s explicit consent. As far as the Lazio region is concerned, about 500 thousand vaccination certificates have already been uploaded in the health records of the citizens, 30 per cent of which have already been downloaded and consulted. About 200,000 downloads were made through the Salute Lazio app. The authenticity of the certificate can be verified by scanning the QR code through the application.

“Digital vaccination certification is a step into the future of the Lazio region. We are investing in digitalisation, but we have our security. With the overtime work of healthcare workers, there is great commitment from the digital sector. We have made an investment today thanks to the Data Center. We need the area here. We have a data center in the region in which மில்லியன் 25 million has been invested, ”the president announced in the Lazio region. Nicola Gingerbread.

“Vaccine certification can be anything other than a simple document, reporting information that already exists within the regional health system, such as a molecular cloth or a serological test,” Commissioner D’Amato explained.

How to Download Vaccine Certificate in Lazio

To download the vaccine certificate, you must download the Salute Lazio application or visit You will need to sign in with your digital ID, open your electronic health record and retrieve your vaccination certificate. The authenticity of this certificate can be verified by scanning the QR code with the appropriate button of the application. The information in the certificate is in Italian and English.

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