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Malicious Download Users Zoom Email Scam

Malicious Download Users Zoom Email Scam


Zoom’s own reputation certainly blossomed during the health crisis the world was experiencing at the moment, which is not really surprising. With the growing number of people at home, the popular video site is the main way for businesses, friends, families and others to stay in touch with each other. However, due to its popularity, the application has become an obvious target for some cyber criminals.

Zoom scams: New trick

As stated in it Story written by Express UK, Due to the popularity of Zoom, it has now become a huge target for cyber criminals. These cyber criminals are said to try to use fake links to trick users into handing over their own data or download some malicious malware on the victim’s computer.

According to a report Official Best Business Bureau Recently, scammers have registered 2,449 specific zoom-related web domains since spring alone. Dummy addresses are just like the real thing, and they are used to trick users into entering their own logins.

Zoom hacking problem

How hackers send emails or WhatsApp messages claiming that users’ zoom account will be shut down soon is a particularly deceptive approach. To prevent the account from being suspended, users are asked to click on a link, which still seems to be the real thing.

After clicking the link, criminals will try to get some personal data such as email addresses, usernames, passwords, all of which can be used to access zoom profiles or target other specific accounts. The malware also spreads through the use of fake zoom emails.

Is it possible to hack from opening an email?

For many users, video conferencing through the Zoom app has now become a daily occurrence for both professional and personal reasons, according to a particular Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert at the renowned ProPrivacy. Unfortunately, making money from a given situation is now the target of cyber criminals.

It has been said that zoom users should be wary of the latest zoom phishing scams currently spreading. This scam works by tricking users into following a specific incorrect link, email, text or a WhatsApp message, announcing that the user’s account is going to exist or be suspended.

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How to tell if an email is a phishing email?

Unknowingly, if the victim then clicks on the known link, it actually provides the given account information, then it may steal their own login credentials and passwords and infect the user’s device with malware. The Zoom scam looks like a genuinely formal notification from Zoom, which tells users that their account has actually been suspended and needs to be reactivated now.

The article then warned users not to fall for the trick if they want to receive emails, texts or WhatsApp messages. Users should go straight to the official website to check if their account is actually suspended.

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