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Il campionato in balia delle Asl, ma quella di Napoli le batte tutte: scarica le responsabilità e scatena il caos. Azzurri contro la Juve con la mascherina?

The league was at the mercy of the ASL, but Naples’ league won them all: fulfilling responsibilities and unleashing chaos. Asuri against Zoo with mask? | First page

The championship is kind again Asl, Almost two years of experience is not enough to study a strategy, a law, a rule to prevent this Phantomime. Every healthcare company does what it wants, Interpreting similar situations within a group in a different way: thus stopping them Salerno e Torino, Udinese e Bologna, No Verona (E.g.). The exact opposite of what should happen in every field, but especially in sport: equitable treatment for fair and equitable competition is a fundamental condition. On the contrary with us it is not so and Wrong – let’s face it to avoid suspicion – there is no lying in sports companies, More victims than those responsible for a tragic situation.

Among the many local health officials each goes their own way Naples. Unique and invincible. The statement he spoke about in connection with the blue team case Absolutely unreasonable act. It has it all and vice versa. Napoli may leave, but action must be taken to “evaluate every effective preventive / control measure to prevent the spread of infection”. So is it up to the club to ensure that the infection does not spread? And how? And with what skill and with what skills? Not only that: if he does not do it right, will he answer for it before justice? In the meantime ASL fulfills the responsibility of others, Take a weight.

But it’s not even a step further Restless In the press release ASL of Naples, But something that represents point 1 Round December 30 Ministry of Health. As a rule – with others – there are some lessons They do not have to adhere to any isolated period Even if they are in close contact with the positive. This includes those who are malignant Stimulant, So many of the Napoli players (exception) Jilinsky, Rahman e Lobotka, Which may not actually play). However, there is one condition to be respected: those who are questionable, those who are not obliged to isolate themselves, Ffp2 safety devices must be worn For at least 10 days. In short: if you wish to respect this circular, by law, Azzurri players can take the field against Juve, but can wear a mask. Does this seem normal to you?

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