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Link to download Ghana Team app to watch Algeria match

Link to download Ghana Team app to watch Algeria match

Leg – The Greens played their only pre-CAN 2022 friendly game against the Black Stars this evening. Except for TV channels, you can follow this fight directly between Algeria and Ghana in one app. Here is the link that allows you to download this application.

In anticipation of the African Cup of Nations, a week ago Djamel Belmadi’s force entered a preparation exercise. A match will start in Cameroon on January 9th. After the first friendly match is canceled by the Gambians, the Fennecs finally conduct a test before entering the conflict on the CAN. Algerian team This January 05, 2022, you can directly follow a meeting in Ghana.

In fact, despite the concerns of its staff, Ghana still confirmed this match against the Algerian team. It must be said that the production phase of the EN was disrupted by the Govit-19 infection. However, Riyadh Mahrez’s team will undoubtedly benefit from this product competition. Because Greens will cross favorite swords during the Cameroonian tournament, Ghana in this case.

As for the starting lineup, Belmadi plans to refurbish its usual design. But in the absence of Fekauli and Pennasser, the Algerian technician pushed to integrate the new cards. But there will definitely be some pillars of EN like Benlamri, Belleli or Slimani.

Algeria – Ghana: Application for broadcasting the meeting

Now let’s look at the table, channels and streaming which will allow you to follow this contest directly. In the latest news, two TV channels have confirmed the broadcast of this fight between Algeria and Ghana. These are national television channels, vizENTV And TV6. Also, the start of this meeting, this afternoon, is happening first 17h00, Algerian Time.

There is another option to view this Algeria-Ghana online. Of course, you can follow this match in the Ghana Football Federation application. It is downloadable for all Android devices This link. It is also available for Apple devices. To download, click This link.

Also, the meeting will take place today at the Al Rayyan Education City Arena in Qatar. There is no doubt that the public expects a good performance between the two major African choices. This beautiful poster will allow both coaches to rate their teams just days before the start of the CAN.

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