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The launch of the space telescope was confirmed on December 24

The launch of the space telescope was confirmed on December 24

A New Year’s Eve in the stars. Date of launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) by the Ariane 5 rocket, Postponed several times, Confirmed by NASA and ArianeSpace on Saturday, December 24th.

“The James Web Space Telescope has confirmed that the target will be launched on December 24 at 9:20 a.m. GMT (12:20 GMT),” ArianeSpace tweeted.

The largest telescope ever to go into space

An extremely complex engineering gem, would be JWST The largest and most powerful ever sent into space. It was built in the United States under the guidance of NASA and includes equipment from European (ESA) and Canadian (CSA) space agencies.

Its launch from the Kourou base, which arrived in California in October, was twice postponed As a result of minor problems. NASA and Aerospace wanted to eliminate any risk associated with the release of this instrument, which was developed over 20 years at a cost of about ten billion dollars.

Heir to Hubble

NASA and Arianespace’s joint teams have “successfully connected the laboratory to the Ariane 5 rocket”, NASA confirmed, confirming the launch date. The telescope, which was already on top of the rocket, was stuffed into its cap. NASA says a general inspection of the launch will take place on December 21, and if all is ready, the rocket will be brought to its launch site on December 22.

Is provided as Heir to the Hubble Telescope, Launched in 1990, by JWST to explore all phases of the universe with unparalleled accuracy, from the first ages of the universe to the formation of the first galaxies. It will be orbiting the Sun at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from the Earth.

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