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Cafiero de Raho drops Marresca: "When you leave the judiciary, you leave"

Cafiero de Raho drops Marresca: “When you leave the judiciary, you leave”

Ten years ago they were side by side. They were both part of it District Directorate of Neopolitan Anti-Mafia, One as an assistant attorney, and therefore as a co-ordinator of investigations, the other as an alternative. They worked on the investigation கசலேசி குலம் It culminated in the arrest of a fugitive boss in December 2011 Michael Zakaria. Today they are ideologically opposite.

Let’s talk about Federico Cafiero De Raho, Near the retirement of the national anti-mafia lawyer, e Catallo Maresca, Former Attorney Antigamora and currently Municipal Councilor and Judge in Naples Court of Appeal A Compost. And the argument is Revolving doors Between Department of Justice e Policy. “I totally agree that revolving doors are excluded, that is, when you leave, you leave,” said De Raho, a guest on the ‘Soul’ show that aired this evening. TV 2000 And on Monday Radio InBlu2000. “What is characteristic of a magistrate – he added – is his impartiality and therefore equal distance in front of everyone. Csm He accepted the demand that Doha be re-worn for electoral reasons.

“Of course – he explained Of Raho -, It is true that every man has his own beliefs, but one is the internal belief, the other is the general choice of presenting an insert in a particular area, so it seems to me that impartiality fails. Connected with speech Reform of the CSM During this period of debate and with the question of the credibility of the judiciary experiencing a phase of change, a path must be crossed to regain credibility and impartiality from the point of almost undeniable authority and power to the point of shaking confidence in the face of public opinion and logic currencies. The issue of revolving doors is one of the focal points of reform that creates divisions within politics and the judiciary. With regard to reform, the Minister of Justice Marta Cordobia Has decided to expedite, there is talk of defining the Christmas text. We will see.

Neapolitan, holds a degree in Economics and a Masters in Marketing and Communication, and has been a professional journalist since 2007. Il Riformista He deals with justice and the economy. An expert in crime and judicial news, he served on the editorial board of the Kronache de Napoli newspaper and later collaborated with national newspapers (Il Mattino, Il Sole 24 Ore) and the press (TMNews, Askanews).