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The Last of Us 2, Discovered the hidden profile of Kamble -

The Last of Us 2, Discovered the hidden profile of Kamble –

The Lost of Us2 Continues to surprise at least some players with the Reddit user. Discovery It’s a Hidden detail of the game Of a game not seen by many.

In fact it is not really one Secret, Being an integral part of the game if you do the right thing, but many players may have missed it in their The Last of Us 2 run, which was taken with action or more attention-grabbing moments.

One as you can see This addressDuring the “The Aquarium” mission of The Last of Us 2, a specific contextual action can be performed. Abi This is not usable in other cases outside of this particular flashback with the oven: approaching the utensil to the handle on the stairs, Abby sits on it and slides all the way.

This is a detail that will not recur at other points in the game and will only work in a certain flashback: if you try to do the same thing again with the app Developed, Outside of that particular moment it has been mentioned that it is impossible to do this act, perhaps it is now considered too childish for the character. These days, we watched a video created by fans dedicated to Joel and Sarah.

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