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How to recover your personal information

How to recover your personal information

Over the years, Facebook has accumulated an astronomical amount of personal data of its users. This information is the fuel of its economic model in terms of intense exchanges between advertisers and websites. Unknown for a long time, the volume of this collection was revealed in large numbers during the Cambridge Analytica affair, which forced the company to restrict and set up the accreditations granted to its customers. Tools for controlling ad preferences And Application access More accessible to its users.

Facebook allows its members to compile and retrieve an archive of information left on the platform. The process can be done at any time in the account settings. This is recommended by the social network when a user seeks to permanently delete his account.

On the computer, click the arrow at the top right of the page, then go to the “Settings and Privacy” area and click “Your Facebook Info”. This interface allows you to access the information you enter on Facebook, request a copy of your data as part of the transfer to another service, and manage or disable your preferences based on ad tracking on sites visited outside of Facebook. Or delete your account permanently.

Here is our favorite part Downloading your information. Facebook lets you download a copy of your personal data and save it or transfer it to another service. The site allows you to download news, recorded elements, publications, pages, surveys, events, games, locations, payments, stories, groups all at once or select only specific categories. , Friends or contacts, especially.

How To Download Your Facebook Info

Credit: Facebook

Two forms are available. It’s possible to get this information in HTML format, Facebook explains, although the layout is not as clear and airy as it is on the social network. You can also choose the JSON format to import data directly into another service.

The process must be safe. The password is set to protect the archive. It takes several hours after Facebook selects the items to download, before giving you the download link in the email and social networking notification. To control the risk of data leaks, the connection will expire after a few days. Depending on the amount of information that needs to be compiled, the file can be as small as a few megabytes or as large as several gigabytes.

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