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The last frontier of fraud, life saving burned in 20 minutes - Libero Cottidiano

The last frontier of fraud, life saving burned in 20 minutes – Libero Cottidiano

Online scams are rampant in Italy: they were good In 2020 alone, 98 thousand people have registered. “Over the past year and a half, online banking frauds have increased at an alarming rate,” he said Day Manuel Ponsinor, Adiconsum, Consumer Protection Association Working Lawyer -. Anyone can fall victim to these traps, even the most experienced. “According to him, in fact, even a normal computer security system would not be sufficient against this phenomenon.

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The expert explained that the so-called one method that is widely used today for cheating “SMS Civeta”: The user receives a message with a link that leads to a clone site, or a fake website that, by all means, is very similar to a banking institution. The victim may then think it is theirs. Opening the link should not do him any harm. The problem arises when the webpage is opened, The user receives a phone call The alleged bank employee informs him that fraud is going on.

And fraud only happens on phone calls. “At this point, the user is asked Provide your login credentials immediately – Ponsinor explained -. Within 20 minutes, the user is logged out From his home banking system and no longer have any controls. ”The most vulnerable to online banking fraud are those in their 40s and 60s. So the elderly, often the youngest who do not have a bank account, are excluded from this problem. “Regarding the possibility of withdrawing money, the expert said:” Often the deceived user is able to get it. Partial repayment. This is because the guarantee of a refund does not harm the user and does not draw attention. “

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