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The Joker returned (again), this time in 16 applications

Dangerous Malware The Joker Again and again and again Hides in different applications It is better if you remove it immediately on Android. That was the last thing Seen in early summer Of the 8 applications, in this case it was found to be doubled.

The Joker is back (again): Remove these Android processors now

The Joker first appeared in 2017 as a dangerous virus “nickname” and then reappeared in rotation on some applications for Android devices. This time 16 applications have been charged, Which can do a lot of damage such as stealing information from your smartphone or subscribing to unsolicited paid services.

Based on what the cyber security company has announced Zscaler (Quote Yes The reason), The The application should be removed immediately From your Android smartphone or tablet the following:

  • Private SMS
  • Hummingbird PDF Converter – For Photo PDF
  • Photo Gallery Style
  • Talent Photo Editor – Blurred focus
  • Paper document scanner
  • All good PDF scanner
  • Attention message
  • Part News
  • Blue scanner
  • Direct messenger
  • A sentence translator – Multifunctional translator
  • Mint Leaf News-Your Personal Message
  • Unique Keyboard – Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons
  • Tongram App Lock
  • Translation of desire
  • Intricate scanner

All applications should be removed from this Google Play StoreBut, if you still have them installed you should remove them immediately. While store controls are not misleading, we invite you to use only the most reliable resources to download applications for your devices.

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