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[Société] According to ARS, the vaccine "has not progressed enough in recent weeks"

[Société] According to ARS, the vaccine “has not progressed enough in recent weeks”

With, vaccine safety is increasing Nearly 50% of the eligible population has a complete immunization schedule against 71.6% in metropolitan France.

However the number The first injection is decreasing compared to the last 4 weeks.

The vaccine is a very effective tool to protect itself and to protect against overcrowding and infection.

Approximately 45,000 vaccines were injected from August 16 to 22, bringing the share of eligible people involved in the vaccination class to 61%, but considering the challenges the weekly rate of first injections is much lower compared to previous weeks for personal and collective care.

Prefecture and ARS remind all reunions need:

. To be screened At the slightest symptom;

. Respect the recommended strict isolation To prevent the spread of the virus and its variants:

At least 10 days if you have a Govt-19 infection

At least 7 days if you are in contact.

. Vaccinate further without delay Or wait 2 months if you are polluted;

Respect the injection time of 2Th Pfizer vaccine dose 3 weeks From 1Time Injection.

The Pfizer and Johnson vaccines available in Reunion work against the delta type and help reduce the risk of severe forms. The infectious potential of the delta variant is that at least 80% of the population can be immunized only if they are vaccinated: 2 doses for the Pfizer vaccine (or 3 for those with some immunodeficiency on their doctor’s advice) and a single dose for the Johnson vaccine.

During the vaccination period, people who want to be vaccinated can go to different vaccination sites, By providing proof of exceptional travel outside the prison perimeter.

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To download the certificate, visit the province’s website:

Source of exceptional travel outside prison – State Services on Reunion Island (