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The James Webb Space Telescope is taking its final shape

The James Webb Space Telescope is taking its final shape

Even vacations do not stop engineers and scientists when there is work to follow. So, as the world celebrates the arrival of 2022, those who strive for the success of the mission will continue to work to complete its structure. James Webb Space Telescope. Just before the New Year comes He was getting ready We are now one step ahead of the start of the bottom solar shading.

We know, after the launch 25 December Have followed, will follow Definitely complicated steps It can lead to premature termination of work. Everything is going as expected and no problem JWST It is located 756,000 kilometers from Earth. The final destination is still about 689,000 kilometers (in orbit around the second Lockrange point).

The James Webb Space Telescope continues its opening

Actuators, bulbs, cables and very thin sheets are the basis of the solar shade system. This will allow sensitivity tools JWST Can be noticed exactly onInfrared. Considering the structure of the telescope, a system was needed to screen light and infrared emissions from the sun, moon, and earth. At the same time, it should be light and resistant. So the lower shield was born.


Over the past few hours, engineers at the site have been ordered to open both areas Sun shade, First on one side, then on the other. The left side started its opening at 19:30 yesterday (Italian time) and closed at 22:49. Scientists then halted operations to see if everything went right. Second As reported The process for opening the second half started today (Italian time) at 0:31 and ended at 4:13.

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The James Webb Space Telescope Successfully released 107 unexploded ordnance (178 in total) that had different layers during launch. An example of the complexity of designing this structure (from mathematical calculations to experiments) Full article Available to read. Of course, the work is not finished yet.


The next few days will be another subtle phase related to this Shield Of JWST. As we have written in the past, in fact, the various layers are separated to be isolated. “Study”. Once this procedure is completed and checked, you can think about the top glass. We will gradually move from the lower layer (facing the sun) to the upper layers. This part of the process takes two days to complete.

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