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Genova, tutti in fila davanti alla Caravelle illuminate

Genoa, everyone lined up in front of the glowing caravel

By Matteo Angeli

Hundreds of people used the day of the celebration to photograph the spectacular play of lights in the Foss area.

Genoa, everyone lined up in front of the glowing caravel

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Traditionally, the first day of the year is dedicated to relaxing, visiting birth scenes or exploring certain parts of the city. Last night Dozens and dozens of Genoese stopped to watch the spectacular play of lights on “Caravals”. In the Foss area, near the police headquarters. In the second row cars and motorcycles are parked everywhere and a lot of people walk around with mobile phones in their hands.

The lighting system is represented by an architectural installation that illuminates 66 high-quality projectors, 100 percent LEDs, all the lawn of the staircase, the components that make it up, the caravans and anchors and all the arches. Even from a long distance. And in this case, Bright environments change color every 20 minutes for 20 shots per hour, Repeat until the evening.

Success for lighting too Garibaldi Street. Ancient buildings glow for many days with the colors of Christmas: unprecedented display lights, specially set up, illuminate the Strata Noua every evening with green, red and gold flashes.

The municipality has also shed light on the area Loading Then the beautiful Palazzo San Giorgio, the surrounding buildings and the statue of Rafael Rupatino. Particular attention is paid to environmental sustainability: 80 percent of the installation consists of LED projectors, the remaining 20 percent are new technology discharge projectors, low consumption but high light output, which benefits from the use of special lenses. Very bright and versatile

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