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The Italian cyberbank thriller is now available

The Italian cyberbank thriller is now available

After officially announcing Dry immersion release date on Nintendo Switch, Italian software house Studio Vs. Celebrate the start of the game today.

Starting today – Monday 22nd February – Dry sink Brings the maneuvers of the city Nova Polemos Even in the hybrid console of the Kyoto house. A series of mysterious and horrific murders inspired by Greek mythology have haunted the citizens of this dystopian and high-tech metropolis for years to come. To hunt Serial killer Noto Wah Pandora, For many years, in addition to the police force, there were also detectives Foley investigations. After arresting two innocent people and then convicting them in an electric chair, both investigators, Morrett and Hera, were attacked by the press and the public.

Years later, by releasing the detectives for lack of evidence at the same time, the killer bluntly returns to strike. This time, a prominent extremist, racist and dangerous politician is also involved in the case. From these campuses a new hunt begins for Pandora Moral crossroads and inquiries That will lead Many epilogues. To get a good idea of ​​the atmosphere of the Italian game, you can find the last one Trailer D Dry Sink.

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