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Information about this year's potential Switch Pro is said to be in the Insider

Information about this year’s potential Switch Pro is said to be in the Insider

It’s gone for a ride, on the other side of the popular fantasy Nintendo Switch Pro and as an “internal” it will be maintained this year.

This rumor has been around since the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017 (this is ridiculous we present to you), according to this popular rumor that a Nintendo Switch Pro or Super Nintendo Switch and other names you want to give to your future fantasy console is in development.

Today we have Nate Drake in the forum Reset So whoever commented on the existence of this future console fix will be sure that it will come this year.
He added that the console will support DLSS supersampling technology, making it possible to get better image presentations by enhancing the computing power to be delivered, so the technology has the potential to enhance the image in 4K.

He said:

I’m not going to talk too much about the mirror I know. There will be DLSS and it will work with 4K. Needless to say, this is enough to show that the hardware improvement is significant. First party support for the current console and the new one is expected to last a few more years.

Interested parties may have added about the exit window:

I hope it will be announced this year.
The delay to 2022 will require Dev tools and third-party partners to plan games for the console over the next few months.
So I hope there is still hope to get started in 2021.

As always, we take enormous tweaks until Nintendo contacts themselves on this matter, and from 2017 we will always hear the same story.

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