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The initial phase of the Pokemon Sword is said to have leaked online

The initial phase of the Pokemon Sword is said to have leaked online

Earlier this year, Nintendo received a major source code leak. Since then, we’ve heard and discovered all sorts of things about the company’s old video games and hardware.

The leaks did not stop. In the latest development, there is now Another Pokemon is one, but this time it’s different because it is tied to the current generation game on the Nintendo Switch.

You see the initial debug version Pokemon Sword It is said to have leaked online. Fortunately, it does not appear to contain the game’s source code, based on Twitter user LuigiBlut’s solution:

“Yes, the March 2018 Pokemon Sword Framework has been leaked today, except for what I understand to be the December 2017 Lets Go Picture / EVE Framework.

“Further confirmation: I have not seen anything about the source code, executable buildings, nothing more than that.”

Another Twitter user by the name of Levtvo Sharing screenshots of this structure on their own account. Since this is a prototype from March 2018, it has been in operation a lot. The sword and shield were not released until November 2019.

Apart from this, it is also believed to be the creation of 2017 Pokemon: Let’s go, Picasso! And let’s go, Evie! To the switch.

Although past leaks are based on older games, we imagine that this current generation is more about Nintendo and Pokemon.