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Final Fantasy 9 Will Receive A Physical Release On The Nintendo Switch Console In Asian Markets

Final Fantasy 9 to receive physical release on Nintendo Switch console in Asian markets

Getting a refurbished reissue for modern consoles is now more common than old Final Fantasy titles.

The final Fantasy IX, which has already been reprinted in digital form, will be released to Asian markets once again with a physical version for the Nintendo Switch.

This physics version of the classic PlayStation 1 era RPG will work on all switch systems sold worldwide, according to a listing in the PlayStation. So, when it is sold only in Asia, any switch can turn it on. English, French, Italian, German and Spanish language support.

Bookings are now live, and we’ve got a first look at the boxing art of the game. It features the classic Final Fantasy IX logo and images of each major party member in the game.

Square Enix seems to have started a new trend of releasing old final fantasy titles in physical form in Switzerland. Recently, it was reported that the company is releasing two packs of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII physics on the Nintendo console. It is releasing on December 4th and has an expansion release covering Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia.

That double pack was originally set up exclusively for the Asian market. This means that it is possible that Final Fantasy IX will get a wider release closer to its release date.

When the final Fantasy IX was released on the PlayStation 1 console a lot of people were looking back. It was set entirely with airships in the medieval world, comparable to previous installments of several Final Fantasy series.

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Games like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII are set with a lot of future technology in the very modern world. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a final fantasy game go into full medieval. After Final Fantasy IX, we didn’t see it for long.

The next final fantasy title, Final Fantasy XVI, appears to be set in an interim setting, which excites a lot of people.

We also got a very different main character in Final Fantasy IX. The protagonists of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII were very bitter, marginalized and rude to the Cloud and Squall party members.

Zidane, the hero of Final Fantasy IX, is funny, handsome, outgoing and a womanizer. The square definitely broke away from the trends it had been setting with its previous two titles.