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Cake Bash Review for Nintendo Switch

Cake Bash Review for Nintendo Switch

Local multiplayer party games are not exactly new to the Nintendo Switch operating system, and it is slowly becoming my home of the genre. Mario Party Obvious, but like games Over-cooked And Moving out Feel at home with the switch. Cake Bash Joining that list, it offers another incredibly fun party game with a unique visual twist. This is not exactly a revolution, though Cake BashThe contrasting mini-games and beautiful visual makeup stand alone as another pillar of my party sports library.

The prototype is very simple – just select your cake type and pick up three buns in the local party game mode. There are a wide variety of cakes to choose from: delicious cupcakes, iced donuts, chocolate muffins and more. Each cake type has a choice of variations, which will open by completing some challenges in the main modes of the game. The unlock system adds a little depth to the improvement, which provides a reason to continue cake-bashing throughout the day.

Baking & Decorating

The main “Get Tasty” mode acts as a promotional option for the game. It’s still multiplayer, but here you will play several round mini-games with the ultimate goal of creating the most decorative cake. Using the coins you earned during the mini game rounds, the shape will decorate two rounds and one round cake. This is repeated in three stages until the final winner is decided, and players can vote on which method and environment to play in each round. This is an ideal form where the rounds flow well and the tension increases as the final rounds exit. I like that there should be more than two options for each voting round, but generally voting ability is a welcome addition.

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Then there is the “Recipe” mode, Cake BashFree Game Option. Here, choose your cake, your game mode and decide in which arena you want to fight from those who are unlocked in Get Tasty mode. This is a solid option for jumping quickly into your favorite mini game, but the way they open up is somewhat unclear. Since I have been collecting, the modes and levels will open in recipe mode as soon as you play them in Get Tasty mode. However, the mini-game choices in Get Tasty mode are random, meaning you have no real control over what you open. During my game time, I would run the same two or three modes and levels over and over again. Although Get Tasty was a blast, the recipe mode was flat as I had to grind the campaign to unlock enough options.

By Campfire

Of the modes I played and opened, most of them were the most fun. I really enjoyed the mini games that allow each player to focus on their own work against the clock. For example, a campfire asks you to complete a marshmallow by putting it on a fire long before it burns. You are against three enemies, but focusing on your own work prevents things from getting too messy.

Cake Bash Review Nintendo Switch Coating Software High Tea Frog

Speaking of which, some more live combat methods have become a little more exciting. For mini-games like Cookie Bash, you have to break the lucky cookies to get points and quickly get involved in all-out boxing matches. While this may seem like fun in theory, these methods can cause the cake on your screen to lose trace and turn them into button mash-y affairs. I would say that it helps somewhat by playing in chopped mode, where extra screen real estate can be very beneficial.

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Beyond these two main playlists, it’s about creating your collection. You can check your overall game progress and what you have and it is not open. Again, it’s not explicitly explained how you open more mini-games, but the cake skin opening. Usually, you only need to perform one specific mini-game task, such as toasting three perfect marshmallows in a single campfire match. These challenges support the cake-bashing experience, but they will extend the life of all mini-games once you play them. Cake Bash To provide.

In the multiplayer mess

It goes without saying Cake Bash Plays better in multiplayer. Otherwise the game will be filled with bots automatically, but the only way to go is to fight it against your friends. I tried online matchmaking, but with no pre-release competition, I think it will be hard even after the launch. Cross-drama would be a good choice to turn online into a worthy feature in the future, but there are no current plans for it. Fortunately, private online lobbies are also easy to set up if you want to play with your friends remotely.

Cake Bash Review Nintendo Switch Coating Software High Tea Frog

Cake Bash In a sweet and tasty all-out multiplayer mess, albeit a little shallow. There are enough variants for you to play mini-games, especially in Get Tasty mode. However, we like that the opening of the mini-games and levels in Recipe mode should be set very clearly. Things can be a little hectic and confusing on the handheld display of the Nintendo Switch, and the chopped game is definitely desirable. If you are after another frenetic and fun co-op game, Cake Bash A The best addition To your switch library.

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Release Date: November 19, 2020

Number of players: 1-4 players

Category: Party

Publisher: Coding Software

Developer: High Tea Frog

The review code was provided by the publisher.

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