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The gigantic Mode Knightfall looks like a real sequel to the firmware game

The gigantic Mode Knightfall looks like a real sequel to the firmware game

The tireless motor scene is set to give fans of the Dark Souls saga another big surprise. Fall night The name bears the colossal work of reviving a team of developers and datamines including Grimrook. Ash, daughter of the famous mod.

Contents of Knightfall It seems to be enough if it is a true sequel to the first chapter of Dark Souls. After all, the mod will make our new adventure begin precisely at the end of the original game In its continuation FinalDarknessOnce Lord Quinn is defeated the player decides not to raise the primary flame again.
When they first take us to the Immortal Asylum, The night time goes back to normal: If we pass the first part, we will end up in the furnace of the first flame, and from there we will explore the world of Lartron upside down.

They are even more interesting Game Changes. Apparently gets inspiration from other products From the software, Knightfall offers two game modes, from which we can choose: first, perfectly Comparable to the style of the bloodline, Allowing us to take incredibly fast shots, be super aggressive and recapture our life points by attacking enemies, the second, Very close to 3 dark souls, Which will give us fewer attack options, but will allow us to heal normally. Among other innovations, we find omnidirectional dodge (The original title decreases in only four directions), a Day cycle/Night, And many new items and NPCs.

Finally, there will be the original story elements, as already mentioned, the mod will start at the end of the original story curve. You can see it all through me 18 minute game You can find it at the top of the news. At this time, the release date of Knightfall has not been announced, which is compliant The dark souls were restored.

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