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The first Xbox (since 2001) still hides one last little secret ...

The first Xbox (since 2001) still hides one last little secret …

Some Remember It, March 14, 2002, The first video game console offered by Microsoft Sold in Europe. Launched in mid-November 2001 in the United States, the Xbox went into stores with its magnified controller, but featured Ted or Alive 3, Otworld: Munch’s Odyssey, Project Gotham Racing and (especially) Hollow at the start.

The Easter egg for the first Xbox was invented 20 years later

In a few months, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Xbox, which Microsoft (at least hopefully) should not pass up. In the meantime, we thought we’d toured this first console signed by Microsoft, but a developer wanted to make sure an Easter egg was never found inside the engine interface. Note that the latest Xbox series update allows you to experience animated wallpaper that pays homage to this first Xbox.

In fact, at the time the developers enjoyed hiding a little secret at the heart of the Xbox interface. It is a well-known secret since the latter was not discovered after 20 years, but we must admit that without the help of a developer, the latter would never have come to light.

In fact, to activate this mysterious Easter egg, it is necessary to engage in rather controlled manipulation. The process involves inserting the audio CD into the machine and storing it in the machine’s memory. You must rename the album “Thimmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!“. So, by going back to the main menu, you should go to the System tab.

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The Easter Egg then works by showing developers behind the first Xbox dashboard, instead of the legal announcements that appear in broad daylight and usually. So, the manipulation is very restrictive and the result is an event above all else, but it is amazing that such a secret can be kept for almost 20 years. Note that the interface of Nintendo GameCube She also hid some funny secrets.