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How To Get Covit-19 Vaccine Certificate Online

How To Get Covit-19 Vaccine Certificate Online

He asks

I would like to know the short way to get PDF certification of Kovid-19 vaccine with Pfizer vaccine and administration by General Trainer (cycle completed) in Lazio region. I have SPID, but I don’t know the online procedure.

Barbara Weiss
He replied

In your case, it seems to me that there are two paths, both of which are short, and you need to determine which one best meets your needs.

  • You can get in touch Doctor The person who vaccinated her can deliver it as a result Certificate Valid vaccine for travel between regions.
  • The certificate can already be downloaded by accessing the Lazio Region Health Portal (, along with its SPID credentials. Electronic health registration Citizen ( Here you will find your vaccination certificate.

The same can be done by procedure Processor Salute Lazio, which can also verify the authenticity of the certificate by scanning the QR code.

If its requirement is linked to movements between the red and orange areas, according to the legislative arrangement Certificate The complete course of administration of the Covit-19 vaccine is provided directly by the attending physician, who, as long as the guidelines are respected, can issue a certificate that the vaccine will pass, indicating all the details of the case (two doses of specific symptom administered, date vaccine, serum type, etc.). The Face-like The reopening order is indicated in Appendix 2.

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