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This Android malware spreads as an infectious disease via SMS

This Android malware spreads as an infectious disease via SMS

Flobot malware that attacks Android targets smartphones via fraudulent text messages before using infected devices to attack others.

Malware SMS Android

Malware can be spread via SMS // Source: Frontroid

In this time of global epidemics, we can all see how quickly a disease spreads. One of the victims Govit-19 Accidentally infecting other people who spread the virus beyond themselves. The Flobot malware that affects Android works the same way SMS.

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) in the UK has actually sounded the alarm and urges everyone to be extra vigilant. Flopat spreads really fast because of the use of pirated smartphones to attack others like an infection.

Attack others using a hacked smartphone

Those involved actually get it A fraudulent SMS Claims to have come from a distribution service such as DHL or Amazon. The message in question invites you to click a link to install an app to track the delivery of victims’ packages. It is apparently a trap and the application thus installed will become a vacuum cleaner for accessing personal data in specific banking information.

Once installed, Flobot obtains the necessary permissions to access the contact directory. This is thanks to the fact that he can target others using the same method.

Sites that promote the installation of malware

Malware can also be harmful in deceiving victims by installing the app. The link in the fraudulent SMS actually refers to the download webpage. However, on Android, Installing APK files Not allowed by default from the web browser. However, the fake sites referred to by the victims are full of instructions on how to achieve these restrictions.

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As a reminder, installing an Android app from a website should only be done if you have full confidence in the source. If you have any doubts, like classic utility stores like le Play Store.

Fraudulent SMS messages are unfortunately numerous and target almost everyone because a significant number of people are unaware of these dangers. Here are some practical tips …
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