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Apple Liquid Retina XTR Display Provides Information on Updates on 5G and iPods ›McCormack

Apple Liquid Retina XTR Display Provides Information on Updates on 5G and iPods ›McCormack

While early buyers of the M1 iPod Pro are eagerly awaiting the parcel service, Apple offers its support page with new support for the new professional tablet, and in this case further details about the device. This includes the Liquid Retina XTR display, Thunderbolt and USB4 support, and new center stage functionality for 5G networks and video calling.

Photocredit: Apple

Liquid Retina XDR Display

Thanks to the “Extreme Dynamic Range”, the Liquid Retina XDR display supports up to 1,000 nights of brightness in full screen mode, with a peak brightness of 1,600 nights for up to 40 percent of the screen area, or up to 600 nights. Also, it says something new Support-Document:

To reach the “Extreme Dynamic Range”, the iPod Pro required a completely new visual configuration. Setting up a completely new 2D Mini LED backlight with individually controlled local dimming zones was the best choice to achieve the highest brightness and contrast ratio and color accuracy in the off-axis area, depending on the creativity of your workflows. “

The M1 chip also supports the new XTR display on the iPod Pro:

“In addition, special algorithms run on the M1 chip’s advanced display engine, which works at the pixel level to control the mini-LED and LCD layers of the display separately and to treat them as two different displays. These proprietary mechanisms integrate the mini LED and LCD layers into the transitions and provide an optimal visual experience. Intermediate features of local blur zones such as b. Slight blur or color change is a normal occurrence when scrolling on a black background. “

Thunderbolt 3 and USB4

What Support for Thunderbolt 3 and USB4 As far as concerns are concerned, Apple says that some parts may require more performance from the iPod Pro, which will affect the operating time more than usual. For this reason, these components should be disconnected from the device when not in use:

“The 11-inch iPod Pro (3rd Generation) and 12.9-inch iPod Pro (5th Generation) support the extensive ecosystem of the powerful Thunderbolt and USB 4 accessories. Some parts may require more performance from your iPod, which can affect battery life. To save battery life, be sure to disconnect from the iPod Pro when you are not using this equipment. More information can be found in the manufacturer’s specifications. “

IPadOS updates over 5G

According to the iPhone 12 models, Apple has ApprovedIf the “Allow additional data on 5G” option is enabled in the settings then iPados updates over the cellular network are supported on the new iPod Pro:

“Allow more data on 5G” Enables more data usage for applications and computer tasks. This includes high-quality FaceTime, high-definition content on Apple TV, Apple Music songs and videos, and iPods updates. This system allows third-party applications to use more cellular data for enhanced experiences. “

Central status for the iPod Pro

The new center stage front camera function of the iPod Pro automatically keeps users in the picture during video calls. Apple goes in one Support-Document Explains the settings of this process:

Center Stage uses machine learning to adjust the ultra-wide angle camera that you and everyone else faces in front of you during FaceTime video calls on your iPod Pro 12.9 “(5th generation) or iPod Pro 11” (3rd generation). “