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The first three games of January 2022 surprise -

The first three games of January 2022 surprise –

Surprisingly, they are now available Three new games For subscribers a Xbox Game Boss Via Console, PC and Cloud. Questionable topics Olija, The Pedestrian e Korokova. Additionally, the Gears 5 Game of the Year Edition Xbox Game Pass is now available for basic subscribers and not just for Ultimate users.

UpdateMicrosoft also announced other games coming in the Xbox Game Pass Schedule in January 2022.

Microsoft has not yet announced the full list of new games coming to the Xbox GamePass list, probably due to the Christmas holidays. January 2022 So the first three titles available today are a little surprising.

Xbox Game Boss

Korokova (our review here) is a puzzle video game told by a story drawn and illustrated by Jason Roberts. The game has an in-depth gameplay that is easy to understand, with panels full of panels and charts that players must organize and connect to, allowing the imagination to solve puzzles.

Pedestrian is also a puzzle game, but it features a little man from 2.5D and road signs. The goal is to complete the paths created by road signs from one sign to another.

Olija A game centered on the adventures of Faraday, a castle trapped in the mysterious land of Terrapage. Armed with a legendary horn, he, along with the other Castilians, attempts to return home from that hostile place.

Finally, as mentioned at the beginning Gears 5 Game of the Year Edition Now available to all Xbox GamePass subscribers, regardless of subscription type. In addition to the basic gameplay, this version includes the Hollow Reach character pack, 30-day multiplayer boost and Hivebusters expansion.

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We also remind you that in January 2022, seven games will be removed from the Xbox GamePass list.