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The first iPhone with a USB-C port sold for 75,000 euros

The first iPhone with a USB-C port sold for 75,000 euros

Swiss robotics student succeeds in replacing iPhone X’s charging port He later sold his prototype on eBay.

Ken Pillonell will have no financial difficulty replacing his iPhone X. A graduate student at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland) began a challenge. For several months: Understand the secrets of the Apple smartphone to succeed in replacing the Lightning port with USB-C – it especially equips Android devices. After many trials, he won on October 12th. This November 11, he sold the prototype On eBay For $ 80,000 or 75,000 euros.

The subject of the collector

At the online auction site, 116 Internet users tried to buy the product, which was presented as “the world’s first USB-C iPhone”. The project was significantly popularized on Ken Billon’s YouTube channel with over one and a half million views. For the video Explains his attitude. Replacing the iPhone’s charging port is a real technological challenge that requires time to understand every detail of the mobile from the inside.

The USB-C port of the iPhone X was replaced by Ken Billon
The USB-C port of the iPhone X has been replaced by Ken Pillonel © eBay

Although the Android smartphone (or iPad, or MacBook) now has the ability to charge the iPhone X via cable, the product’s eBay page states that the buyer should not make the slightest update under any circumstances. Mobile on a daily basis. So this is the object of a collector above all else. The new owner can spend 30 minutes on the phone with the engineer.

If Ken Python’s iPhone had a USB-C port first, it would not be the last. Under pressure from the European Commission, which wants to impose a global smartphone charger by 2024, Apple will be able to quickly integrate this connection with its next iPhones in the face of growing demand from its customers.

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The company that integrated Lightning Port a decade ago provided a cable system that could connect in both directions, unlike Micro-USB. USB-C now benefits from this easy-to-use, yet very efficient charging speed.