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Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass on the PC gets a major update with long-awaited features

Xbox Game Boss Is Has been on the computer for a long time Many more games can be downloaded directly to your computer. That The big problem But for many it has always been that way Xbox application experienceRather Worse than right Activities. With one New update To now Significant improvements And provide some features that have been missed for a long time.

To show, What’s new, Is called Microsoft The following video Published:

This is new to the Xbox Game Pass on PC

The benefits of the new update are presented in the video. So it is finally possible to stop it Games will be saved. So far it has been like that Fixed driver selected I have no way to change it.

After installing the game Simply cannot be postponedBecause the game files could not be accessed directly. It should switch now, while running games Support Mots. So you can finally Changes to topics such as Skyrim You have downloaded through Game Pass.

Further improvements:

  • Modified interface: Finding upcoming games is now easier
  • Downloads: Downloading games is now more reliable and faster than anything else
  • Cloud gaming: You can start console games directly from the Xbox app via the cloud without downloading
  • Windows 11 exclusive feature: Possibility to use Auto HDR in the new operating system. You can use the new Xbox app to create additional settings for game pass games.

If you do not have a PC but want to use the Xbox Game Pass, you can Xbox Series S A great way to take advantage of a subscription service. Here you can read what the benefits are for you:

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Who gets the update now?

This will convince many who are currently a little skeptical about the Xbox Game Pass for PC. But everyone still has a little time to download the update. Because it is only once Not available to everyone.

Innovations are Everything is in the Xbox Insider program Available very soon. So if you are a part of it, new features will be released slowly for you. It still is It is not clear to everyone when the update will be released.