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The feature is about to be launched

A new super feature is about to be introduced through YouTube. This is a real revolution compared to the past

The most important news to be included on YouTube (screenshot)

Continue working through Google Developers Do that too Web light An application that is increasingly updated and up to date. Among the many features that are to come is one that will completely override the normal use of the service: Picture-in-picture mode.

The latter will actually allow you to watch a video By exiting the application. In this way, for example it is possible Listen to music, podcasts and more, Unrestrained.

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YouTube comes in PiP mode (but only on iPhone)

IPhone 13
PiP mode is coming, currently only for iPhone and Premium subscribers (Getty Images)

At least initially it will be a test method, available Your iPhone And with Account Premium. To enable it, open any video on YouTube and then return to the main screen of the smartphone. A box should be ticked in the lower right with the video in the thumbnail It continues.

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It is not yet clear when the global release will take place. For now it is only a test and it will officially end Next October 31.

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