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Cloud Gaming Finally on consoles, many indie games were announced

Cloud Gaming Finally on consoles, many indie games were announced

From Jonathan Harsh
Microsoft is once again proving the strength of the Xbox GamePass, which can now stream games on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. So in the future we can decide whether to download games or stream them.

Yesterday’s Xbox event on Gamescom 2021 provided detailed insights into some of Microsoft’s plans, including a deep dive into the Forza Horizon 5. Of particular interest is the announcement that has nothing to do with games: Cloud Gaming is finally available here on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

Xbox GamePass now offers a hybrid solution that many competing products like Google Stadia do not have: we can stream our games when we move or want to play a topic first, or download them to an SSD / hard drive.

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The benefits are obvious: it saves streaming time and prevents us from spending hours downloading games only to find out what we don’t like. On the other hand, we can still play blockbusters demanding from our local hardware, thus avoiding delays and low resolution. Especially awesome: Thanks to this feature, you can play Xbox Series X / S games on the Xbox One.

To stream Game Pass games, Microsoft is targeting an HD resolution (1080p) at 60 fps. This functionality is already available on PCs and mobile devices.

Perfect indie games for cloud gaming

During the presentation on Cloud Gaming for Game Pass, I was able to see Celeste again and again. This is not accidental because the Indies are very suitable for this role. So you do not have to download games first, you can try to pause them. If you have little time to play and no good internet connection, mini-games are also great on the go.

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In the same breath Microsoft announced the full range of smaller ones Humble Bundle Games Game Boss Subscription service available on start day.

My personal highlight is Signalis, a minimalist poly horror game based on the classics from the 90s.

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