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The fan base does not appreciate the characters and the team responds kindly –

Array of Saints Saga’s new episode, Xbox, PlayStation and PC relaunch was released to the world on February 25, 2022. After sharing the announcement on Twitter, a fan criticized the new characters, but the developers responded.

As you can see in the tweet below, one user wrote: “I know you will not listen, but if you want the fans to stop complaining and attacking you, maybe you can change these clowns and give us the real ones. Saints (they don’t have to be members of the old gang. , Real gangsters.) It will stop the hatred on you. ”As you can see, the official account Array of Saints “Those who hate will hate,” he replied with a gif.

The user said that he was not a hater and that he always defended the saga, but now it seems that he no longer appreciates the direction of the game. The Saints Row account says the group has no plans to back down. He says, “We know, this is new and this is a shocking reaction A different resume from the others“.

Another user says “half the fan base hates characters.” This was an obviously exaggerated reaction, but it is clear that Saints Row did not receive the unanimous approval of all fans. The saga goes one Different direction What some would have expected.

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