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Rumor has it that the PlayStation Plus will run in June 2021, with a Star Wars game and 2 new releases planned

Rumor on PlayStation Plus: Leak List of games released in September 2021

This has happened many times over Car only, Member of the French site Delapses Good deals, specializing in broadcasting List of games provided with PlayStation Plus This will be correct a few days or hours before formalization. Sony Interactive Entertainment Next Wednesday he will present his plan for the month of September in a cycle of the latest, presented games Scheduled for September 6th. But before that, Car only There is new information to share.

According to him, subscribers will be offered 3 games PS + In September 2021: Too much cooked! Everything you can eat PS5 and Hunter: Hunting ground And Hitman 2 On the PS4. It does not mention its appearance Leakage, But promises to provide conclusive evidence Delapses To prove his good faith.

If this plan is right, will it meet our needs? To complain or be happy, you have to wait for confirmation She In a few days. Until then you can Subscribe PlayStation Plus € 59.99 per year, Or 29.99 if you are not currently a customer at this time.

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