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The Elton Ring is the software's biggest game, from the map details and the open world - Nert 4.Life

The Elton Ring is the software’s biggest game, from the map details and the open world – Nert 4.Life

Elton Ring Finally shown in official form, but others details These exciting moments have only come to light through an exclusive interview with Hidega Miyazaki, written by IGN, especially with the director who spoke about the scale of the game. Is large Never done from software, and setting the system in style Open world.

The epic cut and wide panoramas shown in the course of the new Elton Ring Game Play trailer help to make people understand precisely Map Exploratory, innovative element of this game. Everything is based on the formation or discovery of a new system between lands George R. R. Martin, Author of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Elton Ring, wide panoramas seen in the trailer show the width of the open world map

It is a system that mixes the separated areas found in the souls of monsters and the large interconnected map of dark souls and bloodlines. The Lands in between They are structured in 6 areas of considerable size, each of which is dominated by a half-god character, who rules that area. There is no command to follow, so you can travel freely around the map and decide which search to face in a non-linear way.

“We wanted to understand Free progress and research Through the lands in between, there are different ways to deal with them, “Miyazaki explained.” From the beginning you can not go everywhere, but there are different ways to access different areas, and there is a lot of freedom in order to advance different areas “.

Each of these Six parts Has its own Dungeon Importantly, it connects smoothly and seamlessly between lands. There is also a center similar to the Dark Souls Firelink Sanctuary, from which various areas can be directly accessed and then opened.

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In addition to the main dungeons in the six areas, there are many more catacombs, castles and forts To explore, scatter on the map. Compared to previous games from the software, the Elton Ring seems to be clearly moving in the direction of free roaming with an open world, somewhat reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Elton Ring loses intricate styles and appears too large, and by rewarding free exploration, it symbolizes unprecedented freedom from software games. Discovery New parts of the map. To consider it Time The game, according to Miyazaki, without 30 hours of play, does not explore much of the secondary stuff, so it seems like a particularly substantial topic, albeit with a simple amount of content.

In any case, the need Look at yourself It will always be assumed that there is a map of the world, but there are no real maps within the dungeons, and you have to trust the reference points and more. This includes the general help system of Asynchronous multiplayer, With messages and clues left by other players.