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SWR1 application now with the shelf for your pocket - SWR1

SWR1 application now with the shelf for your pocket – SWR1

Your favorite new song is running on SWR1, do you want to put it in your music collection right now? No problem with the new SWR1 application.

The new SWR1 app is a one-time machine and can be easily listened to on the record drawer and on all smartphones.

A project – three worlds: radio, news and me

SWR1 is always the first radio part to discover at a glance what is currently on the radio. The new version has extra ways to be different and fun with the biggest hits of all time.

New: Radio Program Rewind – A radio time machine

Have you turned on the radio and found yourself in the middle of a report or song you want to hear again? In the timeline to the right of the MaxiPlayer, swipe to the desired position. You can return to the current program at any time by pressing the time in the upper center.

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New: Replace songs – you get the keys to the soundtrack

Want to change the mix of great successes without sacrificing information and messages? No problem. Swap songs by clicking the Swap button. Countless musical surprises await you here.
As the radio show continues with information, news or presentations, your alternate song ends. However, you can mark it with heart and then listen to it again at any time in the “for me” section.

New: Web radio – always the perfect sound for the mood

SWR1 offers the full range of greatest hits of all time and with some music genres many listeners prefer greater depth and variety inside: The radio area now has German, rock, country and ever-changing No. 1 hits. Sing along, get out, and enjoy long car trips like on an American highway – no problem with new web radios. Not only the music but also the most important information about the songs.

SWR1 podcasts

With one swipe down, there is more in your ears, i.e. our podcasts

You can ask directly in the application. Wolfgang Heim You can choose from the new series “Say Something New” (SWR1 BW), SWR1 Persons or SWR1 Title (SWR1 RP). Stream or download private podcasts to listen to later (even in private zone).

Where can you find them? Very simply under the “For Me” tab. Have your personal podcast storage and your log cabinets.

Current section

Tap “CURRENT” and the small lightning icon to stay up to date. If you want to listen to the latest radio news, you can see the link above. Below you will find the latest traffic reports and news from your state – in detail in text, images, audio or video.

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Screenshot of the news display of the new SWR1 application (Photo: SWR)

Photo: S.W.R.

Always informative – about the region, Germany and the world

S.W.R. New: Part for me – your favorite content Here you can collect everything your heart desires! More precisely, what you have on the web radio playlist is a Click on the heart It will appear next to the songs and contributions. You can listen to “Hearts” over and over again whenever you want. In the “FOR ME” area

Up to 60 songs can be collected in a single playlist, which is a huge hit. You can store news and articles there:

Organize your favorite content the way you want it! You will find all of your podcasts in this section. The rest of the proven: alarm clock, weather and traffic

Your favorite station will wake you up with the SWR1 live stream. If you do not have a bad network or online connection, SWR1 Jingle kicks you in to avoid getting too much sleep. There is dormancy function, you can set the time until you wake up again. To use the alarm function, the application must be open.Connect the SWR1 app to your car entertainment system: Connect the app with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

Enjoy the SWR1 Radio Live Stream while traveling.

No costs with data flat rate. Good to know: One hour of SWR1 radio live stream per day uses 1.5 gigabytes per month of your mobile data volume.

Attitude question

You can further modify the new SWR1 app to your needs by tapping the gear wheel in the top right corner. Here you can set whether you want to receive important news for special events or the latest news and weather data in any region.Looking forward to your news!

Data consumption when using the app Streaming radio program and listening to and downloading podcasts uses data size – it is better to use these functions on WiFi network. Our tip: If you only want to download data over a WLAN network, leave the “Download via mobile data” slider under Settings on the left (gear on the top right) – Set to Inactive. Only if you enable, cellular data will be used for download if wifi is not available.