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Nintendo Switch (OLED-Modell)

The developer of pirated software for the Nintendo Switch has to pay more than four million US dollars in compensation – ntower

The Nintendo Switch operating system is very secure. An error in Nvidia’s Tegra processor only confirmed that first generation consoles could be hacked. This bug was fixed after a hardware update. A known hacking group Selling software and hardware used only to play games illegally, Bypassing this security mechanism, thereby finding a way to compromise with the Nintendo Switch Lite and possibly the Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

Nintendo has found and reported on Gary Bowser, the leader of the group in charge. Charges: “Conspiracy to evade technical activities and trade in bypass devices” and “Trade in bypass systems”. In short, it’s about selling software and hardware that compromises hardware security – in this case, the Nintendo Switch precautions. For both offenses, he must be present in every court in the United States Five years in prison And one Well From $ 250,000 Respectively 500.000 USD May be punished for a second charge. To avoid a jury trial, Bowser was found guilty of both counts.

Defendant must now $ 4.5 million to Nintendo of the United States As Well Pay. He must disclose all of his assets and allow the destruction of all “restricted objects” found in his home in the Dominican Republic. This includes various hard drives, smartphones, motchips, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES. Other persons arrested for selling the goods may come to trial in the next few days or weeks or be reconciled out of court.

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