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Pokemon Glowing Diamonds & Glowing Pearls: On Black Silver

Pokemon Glowing Diamonds & Glowing Pearls: On Black Silver

Go to Chinno! “Pokemon Glowing Diamonds & Glowing Pearls” Remakes and classics of the diamond and pearl versions bring a new look to the Nintendo Switch. They are now available at even cheaper prices for Black Friday – and there is also a special switch version for roll-flaming games especially for big fans.

Nintendo is bringing back the fourth generation of Pokémon: You’re returning to Chinno Island from November 19, 2021, collecting hundreds of Pokemon with “Pokémon Radiant Diamond” and “Pokémon Shining Pearl” and fighting against Team Galactic. As befits the remake, the newer versions enhance the original look with greater clarity and more detail. The basic style and isometric perspective of the DS versions are retained and transformed into a beautiful CB comic style. You can now order both switch games – individually or internally Practical double pack. You have the opportunity to watch physical sports on Amazon, Saturn and Media Markt Black silver costs 47.99 euros.

The Nintendo Switch Lite appears to be the appropriate “Dialgo & Palia” version

A special edition Nintendo Switch Lite is released to match the “Pokémon Radiant Diamond & Shining Pearl”. The dark one “Dialka & Palia” -edition Named after two very important legendary Pokemon from “Diamond & Pearl” and featuring images of two monsters on the back. The console will be available from November 5, 2021 and can be pre-ordered right now.