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Updated Nintendo Switch to version 12.0.3 (but there is a problem)

Updated Nintendo Switch to version 12.0.3 (but there is a problem)

Update for this Version 12.0.3 From Nintendo Switch It appeared online this afternoon, but was apparently blocked and withdrawn by Nintendo a few minutes later.

Big N has actually withdrawn the update for both Replace Classica More than a switch light, its distribution is interrupted for some unspecified reason.

As pointed out by Nintendo Life (via Game Radar), This appears to be the first time the company has discontinued an update after it was released to the public.

The update was nothing big, it just introduced System stability improvements As mentioned on the official website, to improve the user experience.

After he retired, various comments began to appear on social media as to why this was a stumbling block. One user actually claims that the switch has been upgraded to version 12.0.3 Prevented downloading of games and updates.

At the moment it is not clear whether the update will be reused or scrolled again on the System Updates and History Change page.

At this point, until Nintendo releases the new firmware, version 12.0.2 will be up-to-date and working.

We remind you that the meeting with Nintendo Direct will take place on June 15 at 6pm Italian time. About 40 minutes Also Nintendo will only be showing switch games, mostly released this year.

In the meantime, you have already read our special, in which we ask Switch Pro and cross-platform now serve Nintendo?

Own Replace Pro Returned to speak, With some interesting rumors This is just days before the Japanese company’s E3 2021 event.

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But that’s not all: we remind you that they already exist New feed offers for switching on the Nintendo eShop.

If you want to throw yourself into the Nintendo exclusive world, you don’t have to wait for Switch Pro, you can retrieve one Click Soft or something Change the light.