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Mushihimesama: Remoso dol nintendo eShop

Bad news for those who like bullet hell as all fans of the Cave project are waiting for the Nintendo Switch version of the game They removed it before their eyes. All this happened for a specific reason and we will talk about that soon. However all the fans of the game will sigh with relief knowing it Mushihimesama Will be back soon On Shop Japanese company.

Reason for removing the project from the digital store It was his false record at the PEGI level, Which apparently alerted the guys at Nintendo that they immediately removed the game from the European store to make the necessary changes to avoid any kind of trouble. However, at the right rating the game will be back soon And allow everyone to purchase.

Despite a small gap above all else, this situation certainly did not help the boys behind the game However, Mushihimesama lost the early days of its inception, Which is usually very profitable.

Una Panoramica de Mushihimesama

The title was identified as a vertical sniper, More precisely a bullet hell, Is divided into 5 separate organisms in an imaginary way in which we get the opportunity to fight. Game according to tradition Features action and a very challenging gameIn fact, impeccable precision and cat reflexes are essential to sustain the most difficult levels of the game.

As usual we can see Very simple pixel art style to help clean the screen, Otherwise confusing and vague.