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The decades-old problem must finally be solved

The decades-old problem must finally be solved

Aren’t there multiplayer issues in the future? Nintendo is trying to fix the problem with the switch.

Nintendo has a topic that has been following issues for years: Online multiplayer. The reason may be an old system, but the improvement is obvious.

Despite the good internet connection issues are definitely not uncommon in multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch. The reason for this is usually not very clear, but annoys many players. Things may get better in the future as Nintendo has a plan.

Nintendo: The old server system will be replaced

Developer and Twitter user thomasnet_mc suggests it will be Nintendo Multiplayer server system over 18 years old NEX wants to change that gradually. The Japanese manufacturer has relied on its services for a good ten years, but it should be over by now.

Instead, the future is called NPLN, which is currently in a testing phase. Even with the demo Monster Hunter Rice The new technology was first tested in the background.

“Nintendo is probably making a major shift in multiplayer for emerging games from 2020. All of the tasks currently being acquired by Nexus will be converted to NPLN. This is currently in a preview stage.

The test was obviously very successful. Some players report that the online mode works better and that even a connection with mobile data is possible.

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But is everything alright now?

Switching to NPLN is not an immediate solution to all problems. On the one hand, it is not clear when Nintendo will use the new system on a large scale. It is not even clear if the full version of Monster Hunter Rice will rely on the NPLN.

In addition, it is considered relatively impossible to change the multiplayer modes of games that Nintendo has already appeared on. According to Thomasnet_mc, this refers to a number of initiatives that the company has not implemented.

Any character you are

Nevertheless, changing the system is an important step for Nintendo. The extent to which players will benefit from the NPLN in the future is a completely different matter. Switch should definitely benefit from an enhanced online experience.