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Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines launches kickstarter campaign for horror adventure – ntower

Producers Beacon Pines You still have to be successful Kickstarter campaign Take yourself on a terrifying adventure in the middle Magical Storybook. They are not far from the target of 24,898 euros. There are still 27 days left, and the developers of the hidden spot games have already raised more than 20,000 from supporters. The following Trailer You can get a first look at the lovingly drawn world:

In Beacon Pines you play both the reader of the magic story book and its main character Injury. The story takes place in the small hill town of the same name, and it is like nothing before. There are glowing trees, shady companies, earthquakes, creatures lurking at night and something to hide from everyone. You never know who or what to believe. In the game world you will find magical words that can affect the course of the story and change your own destiny. The Magic Book helps you go back in time and correct the decisions you have made.

If you like the game, you can go Kickstarter page Support the development of the game. For around 15 you will get a digital copy of the game for the site you want. The release of Beacon Pines is scheduled September 2021 For that Nintendo Click And PC.

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