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The deadline for Samsung phones is over

The deadline for Samsung phones is over


Samsung smartphone users upload their photos Samsung Cloud What saved them was to bring them safely. Because the South Korean company closes the online storage offer and has to store the content there Clear.

It is not clear how much time Samsung customers have for this. Samsung separates them 2 groups One, the Forbes report. It is a matter of description which clients are assigned to which group. Group 1 is up 30. September Time to download photos, group 2 should be 30. November It has to be done. So it is better to run it safely and make downloads by the end of September.

First, Samsung wanted to plug in its storage service at the end of June. However, the deadline should have passed without any consequences.

Switch to Microsoft’s OneDrive

Microsoft provides photos, videos and files to Samsung users OneDrive can change. There are instructions on how to do this Here.

However, they can be downloaded manually to local storage. Samsung is there too Help.


The online storage service Samsung Cloud is mainly used by Samsung smartphone owners. It allows you to transfer data from new cell phone to old cell phone Exchange, Or data To recoverThe smartphone needs to be reset.

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