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"Not the best gifts", the big embarrassment - Libero Cottidiano

“Not the best gifts”, the big embarrassment – Libero Cottidiano

That Veronica Gentle The rising star is now a pillar of Reed 4. Issuer Italy Summer Tonight Most started, but Thakospia “Digs” her past as a woman on the show. His always pepper column Candle light, Giuseppe Candela A beautiful Veronica remembers trying to climb into television as an actress before she even became a journalist. The career that led her to certain roles in fiction is not secondary like this Don Matteo.

At Colono Monsieur, everyone speaks and predicts the rise of Veronica Gentle Tilletta Leotta Speech shows – Candela writes -. In her past, as is well known, a short life as an actress, may be short The qualities are no better. We fished his first introduction Don Matteo5, Which appeared in the chapter entitled Legal Defense. It was 2006, how are you? Judgment is yours. Answer: Lazy, although she does not have an acting dragon near her Flavio IncinnaVery convenient as a conductor. Just like Gentle.

Check out Veronica Gentle’s video on Don Matteo 5

A few days ago Courier della sera Feared Aldo Grosso He put forward a hypothesis about Gentleley’s success on MediaSet: “He liked it because he says ‘I have to close now’, he’s well versed in the timing of the business break, he knows how to manage the flow of ideas.” Ratings, however, do not lie: La7 competitor, In the air With David Barrenso e Concida de Gregorio, Almost always surpassed.