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The colors of Jenshi's attacking luck, where to take different photos?  - Breakflip

The colors of Jenshi’s attacking luck, where to take different photos? – Breakflip

Starting Wednesday, February 3, a new event under the influence of Kensh is available. Find out in this guide where to take various photos for the “Colors of Fortune” event.

A few hours, Kensh’s impact Passed Appendix 1.3. With this update, many new features are available, including a temporary event “ The colors of luck It will run from Wednesday, February 3 to 4 am on Saturday, February 13 at 3:59 am.

How to participate in the “Colors of Fortune” event under the influence of Jens?

To participate in the event, you must have Adventurer of at least 20 And Go to Liu port to talk to Jitong He will trust you when he needs help, and will give you a taguotype to take pictures in color.

How to capture different colors in photos under the influence of Jensh?

Once the camera is in your hands, go to your inventory Click the Gadget tab. Now select the Tagoreotype to equip it.

By default it is set to Z. For PC users.

You now have to find different colors in nature, the task will be much simpler as only one plant in the game will allow you to pick colors:

  • Rouge
  • Blue
  • Ocher
  • Brown
  • And Violet

This plant Juun pepper But you will need it Photo at night and target different flowers To get all the colors. you can au Village de Kings Find 2.


If you want to know more about this event and how to capture different colors in photos, you can watch the video below Sofrostpet.