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Download Telegram APK for free on Android

Download Telegram APK for free on Android

A lot of people still don’t know about the telegram. Yet this processor is one of the most widely used news services around the world. This site is often referred to as the topic of online security and privacy policy dialogs. Also, the most popular sites like Messenger and WhatsApp are very few. This is because the service uses strong encryption software.


Download Telegram for Android

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Telegraph, what is it?

Telegram is a multiplatform news service created in 2013 by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Trov. In its early days, it was launched on Android and iOS. Today, the app has more than 500 million users. Most of its clients were former users of other competing applications that could be subject to privacy scams. Telegram emphasizes privacy with the primary purpose of increasing security for its many subscribers and features that are second to none in other messaging processors.

Rather than a processor, this service provides users with the ability to participate in reverse encrypted secret conversations for optimal security. In addition to videos and photos, Telegram lets you change documents or tell your current location to a friend with a single click. In addition, you are not entitled to any advertising other than the fact that all of its applications are completely free.

The way Telegram works is similar to other messaging processors and sites. It allows you to create group chats, send messages to other users, send stickers and files. However, compared to others, this app is very popular due to some features like its privacy policy and chat options.

This platform has end-to-end encryption software that protects the chat so that messages sent by outsiders (hackers, government or business) cannot be accessed. Although this type of encryption was limited to “secret” conversations and calls, Telegram was always able to live up to expectations.

To date, no complaint has been registered. That does not mean that normal discussions are in full view. They are encrypted, but only from the user to the server. This service also stands out for its increased use of the cloud. Photos, messages and videos are stored on a server. This content is accessible to users from any connected device.

All details of the telegram

Telegram offers the same feature list as other types of messaging processors. However, here are some unique ones that may encourage you to change your news service:

  • Confidential Conversations: Thanks to this option, you can exchange encrypted messages with a specific contact. However, they cannot change or take a screenshot of your chat. Additionally, another functionality is added to this option: self-destruction timer.
  • Deleting all messages: Telegram received an update in 2019 and has a new feature related to global news deletion. This allows you to permanently erase all traces of the discussion. Although this feature ensures the utmost confidentiality, it is always recommended to have full control over the virtual communications.
  • Large file support: Unlike other messaging applications and sites, the platform can support sending large files. As with other media, the maximum authorized size is 300 MB, while the application allows sending files with a maximum size of 2 GB. Additionally, shared content is stored in a personal cloud that is accessible to all types of media.
  • Customization Option: Thanks to this feature you can exchange more friendly conversations. For example you can change the color of discussions by adding animations and customize the way you open the links you want. To do this, users can create custom themes, bots and stickers.

Other telegram features

The news system certainly offers other practical features such as disabling notifications. It can be configured for a group, discussion or channel. You can download videos from Telegram and watch them later. However, this picture-in-picture option does not allow you to enjoy the normal size of the image.

The video will be short, but it will run until the end. Additionally, you can move the video image from one end of your screen to another. This service can work with a wide variety of applications that use the MT Proto protocol. This functionality is available in the Russian version.

Why use Telegram?

Telegram News offers many benefits that attract the interest of many users.

High reliability

Compared to other sites, Telegram is generally one of the most secure. What’s more, no other company or business cares about end-to-end data encryption. Users’ privacy will then be well protected. The same amount of encryption is provided for the “secret conversation” function. Users on both sides of the conversation will not be able to send messages or take screenshots.

In addition, the program can program self-destruction of messages. So each user can delete their messages, but also delete other people’s messages. So messages will be completely deleted from all devices.

Free features

For some time, Telegram began to use new monetization methods, but to this day, major business, including chat, is still free. Users can use all the features of the news service for free. In addition, the site makes its API available to everyone for free.

Practical guide to building a telegram

To use Telegram and send messages to your loved ones, you must first install the app from Google Play or the App Store. Click the icon with the paper airplane icon to proceed with the installation. When you have finished browsing the welcome page, enter your phone number. The four digit code will be sent to you via SMS. To proceed, you must enter this code. Then create your profile by adding your name and photo.

Once you have created your account, Telegram can scan your contacts and find friends who use the app. So it will show a list of your friends who are on the platform. All you have to do is send them an invitation. After that, you can start chatting with the friend who has the account. You can send a web image, photo, document, video or contact.

At the same time, you can share, edit, block or delete the contact. At this point, you can also start a secret chat, which provides extra privacy. Adding a shortcut that takes you to the homepage will allow you to quickly access the discussion.

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