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macOS 12 Montessori: Cool concept shows new applications and more

macOS 12 Montessori: Cool concept shows new applications and more

With the MacOS Big Sur 11, Apple has provided one of the biggest updates in recent years, finally daring to move from the MacOS 10 to version 11. Despite the big changes, Apple could do a lot more in 2021 and be able to introduce many more applications and functions to Mac users.

Of course, there is a lot of speculation right now and different names for the new operating system are in circulation. Apple traditionally gives the Mac operating system names of locations in California and has already received some trademark security entries. Concept Designer Parker Ortolani 9to5Mac However, he could not wait, and not only created the concept graphics for the MacOS 12, but also named it “Montessori”. Of course, it remains to be seen if this will actually happen.

Lots of new apps for MacOS 12

First, the Ortolani cleans the operating system a bit. According to him, Apple should retire the photo booth in the upcoming version after 16 years and instead introduce something like “Memoji Studio” to create your own avatars that will automatically sync with the iPhone and iPad.

The designer plans to use the wallet as another new app. Of course, activating the iPod will make more sense in the beginning, but you should also get a better view of the Apple Pay and Mac cards or tickets. Artolani’s concern revolves around the Apple card, which is currently only available in the United States. This also applies to Fitness +, which should find its way to the Mac.

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More sequel on Mac

On the other hand, a support application like the one we already know from the iPhone is more. In the first beta for MacOS 11.3, Apple at least indicates interest in it. It is very practical if you can manage repairs and equipment in one place and learn about possible solutions there. In addition to that, Designer offers that you can talk to genius staff via FaceTime.

Shortcuts are very helpful on Mac (Image: Parker Ortolani)

He said Apple needs to bring the shortcuts app to the Mac to create useful shortcuts. The recently introduced “Personal Automations” may create new possibilities on the Mac.

In addition, Artolani Magos has other features that Monterey likes. To learn more about this, Take a look at its detailed concept.

What do you think about the ideas? Let us know in the comments.