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"The choice is up to Forza Italy"

“The choice is up to Forza Italy”

Zambron Prima Glisa (“We’re talking about work, youth, growth, a summer, which should be the exception for Calabria and Italy, not the regions: They are of interest only to journalists2). Matteo Salvini then unexpectedly enters the Medias Race with an announcement in a number of ways, giving the location (the Commonwealth of the League in Chambron) and expectations. At least Regent Governor Spurley, who believes he should invest in the league’s candidate in the run – up to the October referendum. An indictment did not come from the leader of the Northern League, on the contrary. After names come after – he says – and The symptom is as far as Forza Italia in any case“Then he announces his return to Calabria because this area should be the epitome of Italy’s resume in the world. The committee, the plans, the governor, the vice-governor come later.”

“Soon Candidate Selection”

Salvini promotes the work of the league in Calabria, «But it is precisely right to think from this as a team; I proposed a federation where labels are valued and common values ​​are linked together My opponent is not at home, but he is on the left, Left of the lines, as in Rome in Reggio Calabria, as in Milan. We will justify around a table. Proud yes, but not in clapping his fists at the table to ask to continue the experience of a government with a Northern League traction. “Soon – he concludes – There will be a choice of presidential candidate“But the captain will not be loud to his loyal governor.

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“League will be the first party”

“I do not impose on all the souls of the center-right federation, but in the days to come, it is clear that the choice is not only Salvini’s – as we are united – Salvini explains better at the meeting with the fighters – that everyone chooses a team, not a man. I firmly believe it. Regardless of the choice of names, the League will be the first political party of the center-right. You can finally reap what you sow in these months. Calabria is not a bargaining chip At the Roman table “.

“Candidate’s Privileged Word belongs to Forza Italy”

“Voting – Salvini recalls – we’re going for a family and a human drama rather than a political and political drama, it hit Forza Italia, so it’s clear Privileged word belongs to Friends of Forza Italy, It becomes clear. The experience of recent months has made it clear to the Calabrians that the Calabria region is the guarantee for the growth of the ruling league.

“Naples’ failed mayor does not need Calabrians”

Instead, he “dissolves” the candidacy Luigi de Magistries, Not before booking a message to the left center. Here here – says Salvini – there will be the next councilors and regional councilors, here are the options. The competition is good, but apparently socially conscious, because the opponents are not on the right in the league or center, but on the left, of the lines. According to the leader of the Northern League, “They use Calabria as guinea pigs, “Let’s see what happens”. Thought for a former lawyer: “But do you ever think that the failed mayor of Naples needs Calabria and the Calabrians? This is incredible stuff. This man is leaving Naples because I don’t want to see him anymore, and then I go on TV and explain to the Calabrians how to be in the world. Fifth world things, but we are in a democracy.

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“We support the bridge, the problem is with the PD and M5S”

Salvini also addresses issues on the right at the center of the political debate: «I proposed – he highlights – a federation where identities are valued and common values ​​are shared, because my opponent is not at home, but on the left. Left of lines: In Reggio Calabria, like Milan in Rome. If we are a team, we think of a team around a tableAnother jab is addressed to “allies” in the Tracy PD and M5S government: the problem is in the house of the Democrats and the 5 stars. The league and center-right are in favor. Bridge over the strait, But PD and 5 Stelle change their minds a quarter of an hour.

“Holidays in Calabria This Summer”

There is also a tour operator style gap in the former home minister’s speech. Salvini starts from regional autonomy, which “will be a benefit not only to Verona, but also to Calabria” because, unlike the remaining disasters, it will provide an opportunity to improve its wealth. “The politics of centrism and theft for decadesHe then underscores that he “forced” a group of royals to come to Sambron. Is one of the most beautiful. My 5-6 days summer vacation averages Milanese, this year I will be playing them in Calabria.

Salvini’s integrated speech with the States General