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The catastrophic error destroys the speed of a streamer

The catastrophic error destroys the speed of a streamer

In engaging in a fast challenge a Last 2 in realism mode with permanent death, The TLagPro streamer had the misfortune of running into a bug that forced it to stop after more than four hours of play.

In describing the misconception he ran, the content creator showed Reddit the community at the right moment, in which he had to, but he had to Stop his pace.

The error that came with TLagPro occurred after a fight and was triggered by one Error in Incom conflict system The protagonist walked between Ellie’s polygonal model and the surface. An error that occurred immediately following a brief quick time event associated with opening a door blocked by a furniture, “Falling into Vacuum” Poor Ellie.

Taken by surprise by error, Streamer did not Hides his frustration Sees The Lost Of S2’s Perma Teeth And Game Over Grounded Mode And Reminds Him Of Joking “Killed by the Fall”. If you are interested in this kind of challenge, we remind you that youtube quilo ren has tried in recent days To punch TLOU 2’s stalkers in realism mode, Getting better results than “fellow” TLagPro.

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