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Closed beta is dangerous for your RTX 3090

Closed beta is dangerous for your RTX 3090

Despite the apparently reasonable recommended configuration for such a recent title, it seems that the very high end of Nvidia graphics cards has serious issues with the beta New world. Concerns about high temperatures (beyond 80 C) or high voltage (graphics cards are 100% required) often occur on EVGA models, while other RTX 3090s are not saved.

Adjusting the graphics settings and these issues in the game menu will appear randomly. However, the general consensus is that the RTX 3090s will be rolled out as soon as the game starts. Some people report similar problems, with a lower risk than, RTX 3080.

Many owners of these high-end graphics cards are safe from such issues, where the titles are very resource-intensive. Cyberpunk 2077 Or Metro exit Do not cause any particular problems. Beyond graphics cards, Processors These issues also seem to be affected, with temperatures sometimes exploding through the ceiling.

While waiting for the official solution to these dangerous problems of Amazon Games, one user was advised to freeze the game at 60 FBS, which seems to mostly pacify the power monsters like RTX 3080 and 3090.

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