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Ubisoft's Sofia has created a new chapter, an internal - nerd 4. Life

Ubisoft’s Sofia has created a new chapter, an internal – nerd 4. Life

According to internal j0nathan, the Hope for the new killer There is In development In Sophia of Ubisoft, We owe the murderer’s Creed Origins, Rogue, Black Flag and Liberation. j0nathan is a YouTube user who is well known by fans of the Ubisoft series because in the past he has shown that he has internal contacts with the publisher and he has sent him information that has truly changed.

In the video j0nathan actually gives a lot of clues about the next Assassin’s Creed, including the French organization already rumored during the Hundred Years War. Let’s see what these traces are: a temporary cross; Map of the island of Kofu in Greece; The geographical integrations of Dubrovnik in Croatia and Shelsvik Holstein in Germany; Codes for blue, white and red (French flag); A ring; The geographical integrations of Sofia, Bulgaria; The QR code for Spotify leads to the page of the artist Edmund; Binary code 2022; Image of Al-Aqsa Mosque; The image of a mountain.

From this information, it is estimated that the game is scheduled for 2022, with Ubisoft’s Sofia developing a new project, which is being developed by Ubisoft Sofia, based in Lorraine, France. . Who knew there would be even Giovanni D’Arco. Maybe she will be the protagonist. The killer virgin of Orleans.

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