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The American couple sued the Ethereum makers for 3,000 pairs

The American couple sued the Ethereum makers for 3,000 pairs

Couples can not get their 3,000 ethers. (Image: Viktoryabov /

They bought 3,000 ethers seven years ago and have not been able to access their wallets since – now an American couple wants to sue the Ethereum Foundation. But the story is not entirely coherent.

In 2014, the Ethereum Foundation, the organization behind the associated blockchain and currently the second largest cryptocurrency, launched pre-sales. In this case, the pair of Yuki and Art Williams from the US capital, Washington, bought 3,000 ethers – for 1.5 bitcoin. At the time, the coins were worth less than $ 1,000; Their value is currently about $ 7.8 million. Problem: Williams can’t get their money’s and can’t blame Ethereum developers for it.

The couple raises money for the Ethereum case

Now the couple wants to raise $ 250,000 through crowdfunding so they can sue the Ethereum Foundation in Swiss court. In particular, Yuki and Art Williams are interested in a Json file. Those who participated in Ether Brazil in 2014 must download these. It will contain the personal keys of the wallet. The couple said they never received the file.

The detail of the story leaves the audience: inside but questioning. Because Art Williams told the news channel ABC-7-NewsAt that time, there was a note that it should not be turned off while charging the computer for an hour. However, this announcement could not be found on the website of the 2014 campaign stored by the webpage machine. Additionally, despite a very bad internet connection, a Json file should be downloaded in seconds Kolam writes.

Ht Ethereum Foundation alte Json-Datei?

What speaks against the success of Williams’ case against Ethereum: In one YouTube-video As part of the sales campaign, buyers were clearly instructed not to exchange Bitcoin until the Json file with the wallet password has been downloaded. In addition, it is very unlikely that the Json file will even exist in the Ethereum Foundation. Otherwise, she would theoretically have the keys to all the buyers’ wallets at the time: inside.

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After all: the wallet with 3,000 ethers is loud Research by Mashable. And it has not been touched since 2014. The wallet and 7. 7.8 million will eventually be lost. It is interesting that a settlement offer from the Swiss arbitral tribunal failed. In response to Williams’ previous complaints, 2,750 ethers were awarded. Now the case needs to be clarified.

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