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Nintendo Switch talks about "burn-in" on the OLED model Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Switch talks about “burn-in” on the OLED model Nintendo Connect

Burn-in means that static content such as TV logos or news channel headlines are permanently burned, leaving a permanent shadow in the image. Even with smartphones like the iPhone X, there has been a long debate about “burning in screen content”. However, there is a risk only if the screen shows the same – static – content for too long.

CNET There is an article about the possibility of screen burning when it comes Nintendo Switch (OLED model) OLED screens have been popular in the past in what is known as image storage or ghost. Nintendo says they have the new system Nintendo Switch-The family is designed with longevity in mind, and due to the built-in functions in the computer systems, screen burning should not be a problem for buyers. The automatic brightness function prevents the screen from becoming too bright and can automatically switch to standby mode when the console is idle.

We designed the OLED screen to aim for as long as possible, but OLED displays can enjoy image retention if subjected to static displays for long periods of time. However, users can take preventative measures to protect the screen [by] Use the features included in Nintendo Switch Settings such as automatic-brightening function to prevent screens from becoming too bright and automatic sleep mode after a short period of time to go into ‘auto sleep’ mode.

HUD components such as the hard bar of The Legend of Zelda games are part of the standard screen content. In TV mode, the OLED screen is new Nintendo Switch Disabled anyway, make sure you do not play the same game for several hours in portable mode. Screen – and give yourself a break. Or play something else!

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be released on October 8, 2021 Metroid fear Appearance.

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