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The skin-hating paycheck hated by fans will be replaced -

The 3.03 update makes the graphics worse, which is not a bug –

Epic Games recently released a patch of exactly 15.30 for its Battle Royale. FortnightHowever, it has recently received a new one Update, Number 3.03. This is a dedicated update for all sites with specific fixes for PC and PS5. However, among all the changes, there is one thing that affects players: The graphics are bad – In performance mode – This is not an error.

As you can see for yourself in the Fortnight Status tweet below, Epic Games explained that when a player chooses performance mode, they make the decision to reduce the quality of the fibers. Because? You may have already guessed from doing so The frame rate is very stable and high Technical issues are avoided.

We certainly can not go wrong with the epic games of choice: after all, if a player chooses the performance mode, he wants to target the maximum frame rate. Other graphics methods have not changed, Or at least no signs of it. However, as mentioned, this is not the only change made at Fortnight.

As for the PS5 version, the Fortnight level explains that they were Stability issues have been fixed. PC performance issues are minimal, however DX12 users may still have issues. Competition related bug and Creative Mode bug fixed.

Also, refers to the epic game What Fortnight issues are known for And in the process of being resolved. On the PS5, some players get into an accident while using the Leviathan ax of Kratos Emot. However, in all versions, if the “Start with Picox” setting is set to “No” then the phone boxes do not respect the island settings: for now the only way to avoid the problem is to set “yes”. Finally, even if the player has saved 100% of the value in the previous session, a mobile 3D resolution graphics system is set to 75% automatically at each boot.

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